Wednesday 30 December 2015


Diffuser time!

Stupidly I fixed the fuel line and brake lines to the floor edge that holds the diffuser front edge into place so first job was to move these up out the way.

Now seems like there are a couple of ways to fit the diffuser, it can either go flush against the bottom edge of the tub or it can over lap the tub with some trim on to cover the raw edge.

Not decided which is the best option yet but it needs cutting about to get into position so will carry on for now.

The job is much easier if you support the diffuser under with some wood.

Thats it for now, will track on tomorrow.

Tuesday 29 December 2015

DVLA Paperwork

DVLA Paperwork...

Here is what the DVLA say you need..

Documents needed to register a vehicle 

  • Application for a first tax disc and registration of a used motor vehicle’ (V55/5) or ‘Application for a first tax disc and registration of a new motor vehicle’ (V55/4) (for new kit built vehicles - Chris helped me complete the V55/4 form but most informations comes off the IVA certificate.
  • Vehicle tax (where appropriate) - I sent a postal order for £145.
  • Form ‘Built up Vehicle Inspection Report’ (V627/1) - Chris helped me complete this.
  • IVA/SVA/MSVA certificate (if required) - IVA certificate sent.
  • MoT certificate (if required) - NOT REQUIRED
  • Insurance certificate - I sent a copy of my insurance certificate which included the VIN number, only has 8 weeks cover.. hope thats enough
  • Certificate of Newness (kit cars) - Chris helped me with this
  • Registration Fee (if required) - I sent a postal order for £55.
  • Receipts - Chris provided me with loads of invoices
  • Documentation confirming your name and address - I sent copies of photorcard and paperpart
  • Registration Certificate (V5C) (if a donor vehicle is used) - NOT REQUIRED

To help anyone reading this.. 

You need to order some forms from here...

V55/4 Application for first vehicle tax and registration of a new motor vehicle
V355/4 Application guide to filling in a V55/4

Info Doc

Info Page.

Got the paperwork off today..

Below is what I sent off..

V55/4 Form
Two postal Orders - £55 Fee / £145 Tax
Proof of Address - Copy of drivers license - photocard and counterpart & Utility Bill.
Build up report
Certificate of newest
Receipts and photos of the build.
Insurance certificate showing the chassis number.
I included a self address special delivery bag

Photocopy of everything.

Sent special delivery.

4-5 weeks ticking down!

Sunday 27 December 2015

Post IVA / Track Prep

So now the IVA is sorted time to prep the car for the track...

First to remove the indicators.

Decided to leave most of the rubber coverings on the front end as this will help to protect the threads etc from track debris.

The boss is not needed for the track so will remove this and fit the wheel directly to the quick release.

with the wheel fitted without the boss.

Front end off,  indicators coming off.

The holes I drilled for the extended indicators were a little large for the smaller track indicators so had to use a little hole on the thread to compress between the body and a washer to fill the hole.

My IVA kit all ready to go back on once its off track.

Time to remove the CAT as this won't be required on track. I have a link pipe ready to replace it.

The exhaust on the car has discoloured greatly driving it in the wet and muck.

Had to get out a few special tools to remove the car from collector. Seems like the heat had cooked in on well.

Next up, the side protection bars. 100% needed for the track, I felt very vulnerable not having any side protection on the road

Small pilot hole drilled from inside out to find the right location. Then used a hole saw to drill out the hole required for the side bar to butt up against the chassis plate. I drilled the hole a little larger than required.

Good end caps to cover the holes in the bar ends.

Really impressed with the side bars, they feel very strong. If you grab hold of them they move the complete car. Will support my full weight no problems.

Makes getting into the car very difficult now!  ha ha.

Next up.... Rear defuser!  Had a quick look but its going to take some messing about so will save it for another day.

Thursday 24 December 2015


Had my retest today.. Xmas Eve..

The weather forecast was terrible but nothing I am not used to. Seems every time I drive the car is seems to rain.

Really didn't want to get cold and wet so decide to treat myself to a rain suit.  It was good value but unfortunately has an strange logo..  ;)   Oh and I look bloody stupid outside of the car in it.

My appointment was at 8am as normal so had to leave just before 7 to make it on time.  All suited up it didn't rain and we got their on time. The warmer weather was welcome also. 

 Straight onto the rollers, I needed 81kg's of force or above to get 18% efficiency. I was only getting 50-60kgs of force due to the cold and the pads not biting.

I was given the change to go outside and warm up the pads. I did this by driving around with the handbrake on for a few laps of the car park.

Back inside on the rollers straight away the readings jumped up to well over 100 kgs. The examiner wasn't happy and said it wasn't right even through it did get the required reading. He told me to wait outside with the car and he'd be back in a short while.

My Pal Adam came for the trip..  He was a little tired after a long night shift. I sat in his car wondering if I was going to get a pass or another fail.

The examiner came out with my PASS certificate. Very pleased to say the least!  Really chuffed the IVA experience is over.

Great Christmas present for me..  Now time for Xmas and to enjoy some Turkey...