Monday, 23 January 2017

Goodwood Track day in January..

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to book a track day in January.

The weather report looked fab!!

The gritters were out the night because so have the car all covered up. 

 Jeeeeezzeeee its cold.. Heavy frost.. Perfect time to tow the MNR..

My Pal Adam was not impressed!

Was a little foggy!  Goodwood have a rule where the marshals must be able to see each other from the two huts on the start finish straight.  When we arrived it was thick so they gave it a couple of hours to see if lifted.

Being an Opentrack track day there were plenty of cakes on offer.

Just before midday they cancelled the day..  :(

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Trailer Modifications - Mover and Winch

I've been having some issues with the trailer and my driveway being at the top of a hill and the driveway itself being on a good slope.  I find it difficult to move the trailer around on its own on the slope, if I slip it will go rolling down the hill and I won't be able to stop it.

I am currently loading the car down the road. Some of the trips I have planned I will be leaving at 5-6 in the morning which isn't going to be practical. Reversing up the hill with the trailer on the back of my tow car with the car loaded is too much to put on my tow car.  I nearly killed a clutch before trying it.

My Father is into his caravanning and has a mover on his caravan. Its basically just two motors that push onto the tyre and are used to move the heavy load around with ease.

Ordered up and delivered.

 Being early January its freezing and the trailer is freezing cold.

My Father had to come and help!

All fitted and it works!

The control module is normally housed inside a caravan so I had to find a waterproof box to mount the control module electrics in.

Electric winched turned up.. 

Had to order a winch mounting plate from Woodford trailers.

 Ended up mounted on the left hand side of the trailer. All the electrics were mounted under the winch mount to protect it from the rain.

I won't be leaving the battery on the trailer all the time, it will travel in the boot of the car and I'll connect it up when I need to use the mover or winch.  I have used Anderson connectors with some waterproof covers to protect it from the elements. 

My battery box is a designed for a electric outboard boat motor but its perfect for the job. Got a cigarette lighter and USB charge module also lol.

Here is the trailer in action.. Life sized remote controlled car.